virgin coconut water

6 months young: grenn virgin coconut

cocowell is the water of the young green coconut at it's best age and maturity level. This nut is 6 months old. This fruit-water has a very small timeframe of being at it's best taste. At it's best maturity level it is quite sweet with a very low taste of typical coconut favour and it is very clear so that you can take a loog trough.

2-3 weeks after the coconut water reached maturity, it is changing in flavour and the white coconut pulp is growing more and more, while the virgin coconut has nearly no white pulp, only fruit-jelly.


nature = pleasure

Many of the palms where coconut water is collected do not grow on plantages but grow completely wild. Due to this, the really very special natural taste and the consistency of micronutritiens can be ensured.

Use, origin and history

Origin: coconut water grows worldwide in the coconut belt which is mainly located around the equator. The concentration of potassium, kalzium and sodium (natrium) can differ very much in different regions. Due to the low concentratium of sodium (natrium) the decision of where to source coconut water was made to the North of Brazil. Next to the very close position to the equator, perfect climatic conditions and low varies with the season the varies it was the perfect balanced taste what was decisive.
Use: virgin coconut water out of the young green coconut is aseptic. In the western world coconut water is known since a few years to support the body in detoxification and purification processes - mainly in the detoxification of mercury. It is also known as an alternate to the famous F.X. Mayr Kur where it was given instead of sparkling water. The studies made in those two areas was done with the same specifications and processing steps as cocowell is made of. 
Besides that, many people use coconut water for sport due to their richness in minerals and it's as an isotonich drink. Please note, that coconut water is only isotonic on FAO rules, not to some european regulations. The special use for sports is endurance sports where people love coconut water for its soft reaction to the stomach. Here some monitoring studies were made at endurance events like 12h/24h mountain running world record trials. 
History: Next to nowadays monitoring studies, coconut water has a very long health related use and history in ayurvedic medicine, where it has been used since ever. In India and also in Brazil coconut water is used also in nowadays medicine e.g. for Babies to prevent them from dehydrating in relation with stomach deseases.
Apart from that there are many doctors who consult coconut water as the ideal drink for children.