out of coconut

as pure as it gets !
cocowell PURE and it's source, a 6 months young, green coconut - authentic taste and premium quality. Feel the difference ! 

cocowell PURE

Cocowell PURE Coconut Water

Pure coconut water tapped from of the young green coconut (also called virgin coconut water) in premium quality. 

100% pure coconut water from young green coconuts (also called virgin coconut water)
Antioxidant: Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) GMO-free 
Packaging: 330ml Tetra Pack
Packaging unit: 12 pcs in one box (tray) 
Shelf life: 12 months
Tastes best: serve chilled with the pure Brazilian nature in your mind!

Due to the natural production and the different times of harvesting during the year, small variations of taste will occur. Cocowell does not aim to do anything to change these natural variations, preferring the seasonal taste, which is known in Brazil as authentic. This is part of our quality philosophy.